5 Important Healthy Foods You Should Eat Regularly

If you’re interested in eating better because it’s a great way for you to become healthier and even lose weight, it’s important to know what you should eat. There are many healthy foods out there, but some of them are definitely more beneficial than others. If you’re ready to start eating healthier, consider trying the five super healthy foods below. Of course if you are worried about your skin, you can look into the wrinkle cream reviews.


You’ve probably been told about the importance of eating green vegetables with your meals. If you’re not sure which of those vegetables are most important to start eating, consider adding broccoli to your plate because it has a lot to offer. One full cup of broccoli only contains about 30 calories. It’s the perfect kind of vegetable to add to the side of your plate with some lean protein.

Broccoli provides the body with potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A. It keeps you feeling full so that you are less likely to snack on unhealthy food. Most importantly, you can make it the way that you want it. Some people steam it while others bake the broccoli or add it to different casseroles and other delicious dishes.

Fresh Strawberries

Looking to eat something that tastes a bit sweeter than broccoli? Strawberries are another healthy food that you can start eating. There are many ways to use strawberries in your meals. You can add them to a fruit salad, mix them in with your yogurt or even make some fresh smoothies with them.

Strawberries contain potassium and different vitamins. It’s believed that strawberries can help you keep your heart in good condition, which is critical if your family has a history of heart disease. If you’re not eating them often enough, it’s time to take a trip to the grocery store and buy a few package of organic strawberries.


Bananas are one of the healthiest foods this planet has to offer. The average banana contains about 105 calories and offers plenty of potassium. One of the great things about bananas is that they’re not too bitter or bland. They have a sweet yet wholesome flavor that will keep you feeling full and satisfied, especially if you were craving something sweet.

It is better to eat a banana as a snack after your dinner than to eat cookies, ice cream or bags of chips. You can slice the banana up and add the pieces to your cereal. You might even want to make low-calorie pancakes by mixing one large banana with an egg and a teaspoon of cinnamon sugar. Some people like to mix the bananas in a blender with the strawberries for a healthy and nutritious smoothie. Some people even think they can help you beat a drug test, but we aren’t sure that’s true. For that, you may want to look into TestClear or something similar.


Did you know you can lower your cholesterol by eating blueberries each day? If your doctor has already warned you about your cholesterol levels in the past, eating this type of fruit could work wonders for you. A single cup of blueberries contains nearly 90 calories. Blueberries are the perfect addition to a bowl of warm oatmeal or yogurt.

Not only is it possible to lower your cholesterol by eating blueberries, but it’s also possible to improve your thought process by eating them too. If you’re having a tough time focusing in the morning, consider eating a cup of blueberries because there is a chance they will help you think a bit clearer.


Eating avocado is a good idea because of its omega-3 fatty acids that are good for both the brain and the immune system. One whole avocado contains around 325 calories. Although the amount of calories is considerably higher than the other healthy foods mentioned above, this is still something you should add to your plate several times each week. Some people like to add avocado slices to their salads while others eat it with toast or on crackers.

These are the top five healthy foods you should start to eat. If you don’t eat them often enough, you’re not going to reap the benefits nearly as much as you would if you were eating them regularly. Even if you don’t like to eat your fruits and veggies, there are plenty of unique ways to add each of these different types of foods into a variety of meals and beverages so that you can still enjoy them.

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